Your grassroots nonprofit incubator.

Since 2007, Prime Produce Limited has stewarded a relational ecosystem for do-gooders to cultivate their community service projects. We have provide nonprofit leaders and their programs with:

  • [Nonprofit Services]! (We provide a variety of services in both paid and pro bono capacities.)
  • [Fiscal Sponsorship!]( (Qualifying programs can join our family of initiatives and benefit from our corporate infrastructure)
  • [Moral Support](We all need it.)

We are a New York State 501c3 registered not-for-profit corporation (EIN: 26-11925). Check us out on Charity Navigator or Candid.

Our volunteer team consists largely of people from the Prime Produce NYC community collective.

We are headquartered out of the Prime Produce Guildhall in Hell’s Kitchen, operated by the Prime Produce Apprentice Cooperative.

Learn more:

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